Japanese Fusion Restaurant “Sported”!

August 21, 2015


Overlooking the river and skyline at the new Kallang Wave Mall sits a cozy, casual-dining Japanese restaurant, issho izakaya. Flaunting a Japanese-inspired yet contemporary ambience, the restaurant serves an extensive menu of high-quality Japanese fusion dishes at pocket-friendly prices.


To kick start your appetite, the Uzuku - Unagi with special-made teriyaki sauce - is a good choice.


A must-try is the Tori Nanban. Smothered in tartar sauce, the boneless chicken thigh cutlet is fried in tempura batter on the outside but the meat is tender and succulent on the inside. You will definitely enjoy the goodness of this mouth-watering dish!


Another dish that will leave you craving for more is issho izakaya’s signature dish, Buta Kakuni. The marinated pork belly is stewed for a whole 48 hours before serving which explains the tenderness of the meat.


Other popular choices include issho Chanko (a typical meal of a sumo wrestler large enough to satisfy 4 stomachs!), Wagyu Saikyo Yaki (wagyu steak marinated in issho’s sweet miso recipe) and Isho Ramen (a clear-broth ramen with pork slices).


For drinks, issho izakaya provides a considerable selection of Sake and cocktails to complement the food. To commemorate its prestigious location at the Sports Hub, issho izakaya’s cocktails are interestingly named after different sports. Our hot favourite is the “Kick-a-Goal” cocktail that offers a light and sweet citrusy taste mixed with Sake. To top it off, the tiny and crunchy cucumber bits added to this drink burst with flavor with each bite, making this drink immensely refreshing after a savoury meal.


In addition to the fine selection of food and drinks, issho izakaya also offers tatami-seating private rooms. This traditional Japanese seating can hold up to 16 people, making it a perfect place for both business meetings and leisure gatherings. The coziness of the restaurant also makes it ideal for a corporate event.


issho izakaya prides itself for keeping menu prices affordable without compromising food quality – right down to every grain of rice. The word “issho” means “Together” in Japanese and that is its vision of creating a casual dining place that brings friends and family together.  It has no doubt lived up to its name with its quality food, location and services.A piece of advice: Be sure to make reservations to secure a table!




issho izakaya

1 Stadium Place #01-13/K5

Kallang Wave @ Sports Hub

Singapore 397628


Sunday to Thursday:                10.00am to 10.00pm

Friday, Saturday & Eve of PH: 10.00am to 10.30pm

Contact number:                        6702 4708

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