Dr Raymond Lim: Treating with a Smile

Dr Raymond Lim of B9 Dental Centre is far from the intimidating dentist young children and even adults fear when they go for their yearly check-up. Every one of Dr Lim’s patients can rest assured that they are in good hands as the dentist-turned-entrepreneur treats all with care and concern, akin to how he would treat his parents if they were in the clinic chair.

Always greeting patients with his down-to-earth personality and infectious smile, the affable dental surgeon embarked on his dentist journey to fulfill a childhood dream.

The Dentist Dream

Since young, Dr Lim had always wanted to be a dentist.

"In my hometown, there was only one popular dentist serving the whole community. I thought that if I became a dentist, I could contribute to the community too," said Dr Lim.

He stuck to his aspiration, studying industriously to attain the necessary grades, then applying to various universities after completing his 'A' Levels. Through his conscientious efforts, he successfully clinched a spot in Dentistry at the National University of Singapore. After graduation, Dr Lim honed his dental skills at the National Dental Centre and at several local hospitals for three years, treating both trauma and emergency patients. Thereafter, he was posted to the polyclinics as an overall in-charge, a two-year stint he completed before moving on to private practice.

On the sidelines, he cultivated a passion towards implantology and in 2011, he obtained his Certification in Aesthetic Implant Dentistry from the University of Uclan (UK). In March 2013,Dr Lim decided to strike it out on his own and started B9 Dental Centre.

Nothing Less Will Do

B9 Dental was founded on the basis of providing quality dental care to patients from all walks of life and Dr Lim is a firm believer in his promise of quality, upholding excellence in everyday dental operations. Ensuring the well-being of patients is their core mission: nothing less will do.

“Every one of our patients receives the very best advice and personal guidance for their situation. We then provide appropriate dental solutions with skill, precision and absolute dedication – based on fair, reasonable and transparent pricing,” Dr Lim explained.

He also added that every visit, consultation, service and after-care experience is made conducive for the patient, giving them a peace of mind. This commitment in creating a caring and compassionate dental environment has earned B9 Dental many satisfied clients, who return for treatment at his centres. In fact, Dr Lim mentioned that he strives to never turn away any patient who comes knocking, be they walk-in cases or emergency calls made past midnight.

“I prefer to help as many patients as I can, especially those who need immediate attention for their pain and trauma. My long working hours are often due to people visiting me at night. If they were to go to the A&E, they would just be given painkillers, not treatment,” said Dr Lim.

This help rendered is not just limited to his customers – Dr Lim has also lived up to his goal of helping the community by making dental care affordable for everyone. Senior citizens receive fully subsidised treatments and Dr Lim has on several occasions waived the treatment fees for patients unable to pay the dental expenses. In recognition of his efforts, Dr Lim received The Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2015 – EYA for Social Contribution accolade.

People as Priority

Just like his role model, the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew, Dr Lim prioritises people – it is people that drives the business inside out. Hence, Dr Lim pays as much attention to the interaction with patients from the moment they step into the clinic, and pays equal amount of detail in the hiring process.

“All my doctors or other employees have been individually selected for their talent, personality and approach to work,” states Dr Lim.

He further commented that despite the manpower constraints of the local economy today, he is still insistent on employing dentists and nurses with the experience and a “good heart” to follow through with the vision and mission of B9 Dental.

Life Lessons from Parents Dr Lim attributes his academic and entrepreneurial achievements, as well as his “good heart” to his parents, whom he describes as "enterprising" and who motivated him to become a dentist.

Of humble beginnings, his father was a fabric seller and his mother was a seamstress. Life was tough as they were not well-to-do and as a child, Dr Lim witnessed firsthand the hardships his father faced. Both Dr Lim and his father would wake up as early as 5am and drive to a different village to hawk their wares. At around 2pm, they would pack up under the sweltering hot sun. It was an arduous process and through running their daily business, Dr Lim’s father taught him his most important lesson in life: hard work – the key to success.

Another influential teacher to Dr Lim was his mother. She juggled both her family duties and work as a seamstress, clocking in 15 hours a day tailoring clothes and making dresses to support the family.

"She taught me to be honest with customers and that no matter what we do, it must come from the heart," recalled Dr Lim.

Both his parents inspired and imparted positive values to him, and as a business owner now, Dr Lim has this to share with aspiring entrepreneurs and businessmen:

“Many people told me that doing business is about making profits and maximising the profit margin. For me, doing business is about serving people because genuine and quality products and treatment cannot be compromised.”

With this philosophy in mind, Dr Lim has put B9 Dental in good stead for the future.