5 Reasons Booking With A Travel Manager Is Better Than Booking Online

When it comes to booking your business travel, there are plenty of options to choose from. Particularly when you consider the multitude of websites out there that claim to have the lowest prices, largest selection, easiest booking processes ... the list goes on. It is definitely tempting to give it a go, but what if we told you that working with a dedicated Travel Manager is even easier than booking online? Here are five reasons why:

One Point Of Contact

It is common for travel management companies to provide MNCs and global contracted clients with a dedicated Travel Manager or Team, depending on the scale of business and requirements. Increasingly, SMEs are being offered such dedicated, one-point-of-contact service as well. It is like having your own travel PA just a phone call or email away, saving you time and ensuring a smooth, stress-free travel. Travel Managers are able to understand their clients and their specific travel needs, and deliver a more personalised experience that is simply not available from online booking sites. A good Travel Manager will also be able to provide the full suite of travel services, from flights and hotels booking to visa, insurance and FastTrack (expedited immigration processing) services.

Flexible Travel Planning

One of the most useful tools in the hectic world of business travel is the ability for your Travel Manager to hold airline seats for a period of time. This allows you to secure the seat you want at the price you want while you sort out travel details. Great for planning last minute meetings or organising a multi-destination travel itinerary, you can rest assured your seats are secure while everything else falls into place.

Access to Private Fares, Rates and Savings

When booking travel online, your travel options are limited to the range and availability of each particular website. Travel Managers have access to all of that and more, including special corporate fares, hotel rates and inventory. You can book a flight that meets your budget and gets you where you need to be without a two-hour layover. This flexibility and freedom of choice is especially important when you are a busy professional trying to coordinate schedules and meetings ahead of an important trip.

Moreover, your Travel Manager will often have in-house savings programs exclusive to their corporate clients, allowing you to earn rebates and savings on top of your frequent flier and hotel loyalty rewards.

24-Hour Worldwide Support

One of the best aspects of working with Travel Managers is the support and peace of mind that comes with it. Global travel firms are able to offer their clients 24/7 support, worldwide. It does not matter where you are the in the world; you will have access to online and telephone support. It also does not matter if you are after a quick fix or need some help in a major emergency – you can contact the travel firms.

No Contracts Involved

Many people head online because it is an obligation-free way to book your travel. You are not locked in to any contracts and there is no minimum spend. Understanding that SMEs prefer such flexibility, many travel companies now operate in the same way, and do not lock their clients in with contracts, terms or conditions. You can thus use your Travel Manager when you like, which makes testing the waters that much easier. And Travel Managers understand that they are only as good as their last booking, so you can rest assured that they will strive to provide the best possible service every single time.

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