How Fun Team Building Activities Can Help to Make Your Pep Talk More Inspiring and Impactful

Photo credit: Village Singapura

“There are no bad teams, only bad leaders". Good leaders build great teams, inspire them and drive the company towards a common goal. It is crucial that employees know where the company is heading towards in the next five, or ten years so that they can be aligned in the same direction. When employees are not able to see their purpose in the company, and there are few rewards or acknowledgements for their work, the job becomes a tedious daily grind and they become disengaged and unmotivated.

One of the most effective strategies employed by good leaders is communicating a bold, specific, and consistent vision to their employees. They motivate and engage them by sharing with them the purpose and goals of the organisation. They also show the employees how their work contributes directly to the success of the organisation.

One way to communicate the organisation’s vision effectively is through an inspiring pep talk. However, for a pep talk to be inspiring and impactful, it is not only dependent on the person giving it, but also dependent on the people receiving it.

Pep talks are usually given during a company’s meeting or over a meal event to employees who are either seated passively around a conference table, or fighting food coma. How do you think your pep talk will land on your employees at these instances? The impact level would probably not be as strong as you had wanted it to be.

Now consider, you, as the leader, giving a pep talk to your employees after they had just completed a fun team building event. Their minds are now active and engaged after a series of team bonding activities. They have grown closer and bonded through their interactions during the event, and at that instance, developed a sense of closeness to the company. They are happy and optimistic, hence more open and receptive to what the leader has to say. Your pep talk at this instance will thus be more inspiring and impactful for them.

How does this work? We break it down to 3 factors for you:


Having a bonding activity at different and new venues other than in the office or company’s board room breaks the day-to-day routine of the employees. They tend to start the day excited instead of the boredom that is usually associated with company meetings. This thus will shift their context for the day to positivity. When one has a joyful and positive attitude, their thoughts and actions will also be joyful and positive. You want to start the team on this positive note, so that the likelihood of them being more inspired and impacted by your pep talk is higher.


According to Dr. Rajiv Kumar, co-founder and CEO of ShapeUp, he said that, “Frequently bringing employees together for team activities, competitions, offsite events and retreats and healthy happy hours helps foster critical connections and social ties between employees that keeps them both happy and engaged at work."

When people are happy, according to Martin Seligman’s work in positive psychology, they tend to have a more optimistic and positive outlook. Hence, having a fun team building activity before your pep talk leads to happy employees who are more optimistic and positive about messages that they receive. This will likely make your pep talk to be more inspiring and impactful!


Bonding between employees would have definitely increased after an effective session. There will be this sense of closeness and belonging to the company developed by the team. We have heard some of our clients said that up till today, they are still referring to each other as the characters they played in our role-playing programme two years back. This sense of closeness fostered during the bonding activities increases motivation in the employees as they gain trust in their fellow employees, and feel confident that their work as a team will be recognized and appreciated. This will likely allow them to better appreciate the messages in the pep talk, and be impacted by it too.

A good leader drives the company towards a common goal through effective and inspiring pep talks. Using fun team building activities as a prelude can make your pep talk more inspiring and create a lasting impact to your employees.

By Village Singapura