CulinaryOn: A tasty experience in the heart of the CBD!

When we talk about great food, cooking or good restaurants, we inevitably talk about the moments where we sit at a table with our family or friends, and collectively enjoy the meal placed in front of us.

Behind that tasty dish ready to be eaten, hides a whole universe of people, ingredients, and recipes and, not forgetting the most important element of all, a lot of fun. If we stop focusing on the food itself and broaden our thoughts to include the whole cooking process behind it, we realise that there is a whole new world to be explored. We live in an age of immersive experiences. We want more than just to go to the restaurant and sit down for a meal. We want to understand how the meal is being prepared, we take pictures of our food to document our experiences and try them at home. We want to be part of the cooking process, and not just be involved in only eating.

This exciting new world is where Singapore and Asia’s largest culinary edutainment centre steps in. CulinaryOn has set out to change the rules of the game, filling the gap between guests and their food with a whole slew of entertaining experiences, and allowing one to take home a newfound appreciation for the work that goes into the beautiful and tasty cuisines we enjoy on a regular basis.

The magic of CulinaryOn is that it is entirely guestcentric. There are different cuisines - from classy French dishes, savoury Singaporean specialties to classic Italian cuisine - which all include fun methods of cooking, and it is through this that the guests create unforgettable memories for themselves, thus forming the most wondrous part of the experience.

As soon as guests step out of the elevator into the spacious 7,000 square feet studio in One Raffles Place, they are warmly greeted by the staff with a smile and an apron, and it is from that exact moment that they realise their experience will go beyond eating delicious dishes. Cooking is after all, not only relaxing for the mind but also helps you keep active while teaching you new things every single time.

There is an old Italian saying on how “you don’t really know someone until you cook together”, and it is through this culinary experience where people bond and learn about each other at CulinaryOn.

As part of the entire experience, the chef leads his audience through the “mise en place” of the ingredients, an essential part of the whole cooking process, before the guests themselves try their hand at making dishes like pasta and gelato entirely from scratch. An attentive staff and an efficient stewarding team allow guests the freedom to cook without having to care about anything other than to enjoy the immersive experience, while the friendly and pleasant atmosphere, accompanied by the right music, makes time go out the window.

Aside from offering a multitude of open masterclasses, CulinaryOn also offers a variety of SkillsHQ classes, which falls under Singapore’s SkillsFuture credit scheme, and is fully redeemable using one’s own SkillsFuture credits. The cooking process and culinary techniques form the core of each of these intensive seven-hour sessions, ensuring that guests have enough time to release their inner chef and learn advanced cooking skills.

By watching, practicing, listening to the chefs' suggestions, tasting and taking notes, guests are able to enhance their cooking skills in a friendly and professional environment. For instance, attending the “Bread Baking” SkillsHQ class will allow one to master the major baking Panini Danubio Rolls, Focaccia with Pesto Sauce, Ciabatta, Grissini and Quiche Lorraine. Attending CulinaryOn’s popular “Petite Cakes” class, guests will learn sweet recipes such as Chocolate Brownies, Raspberry Mousse,Profiteroles with custard, Apple Tarte Tatin and Mini LemonTart. French, Japanese, Italian, Western and Thai cuisines classes are also available as an option, and allow guests the opportunity of experiencing a whole world of flavors taught by a team of professional chefs.

CulinaryOn offers a cozy and casual environment that is fully customisable to fit the needs of every guest. With its 7,000 square feet of space divided into four interconnected event areas equipped with chef tables, movable cooking stations, bars and a conference room, the venue offers enough flexibility to fulfill one’s imagination.

CulinaryOn One Raffles Place Tower Two, #04 – 63 Singapore 048616

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