Branding excellence in the digital age: Local brands clinch the Singapore Prestige Brand Award

34 local brands were named Winners of the Singapore Prestige Brand Award (SPBA) at the Award Certificate Ceremony today. The SPBA is a prestigious award that honours local brands for their branding excellence and achievements.

23 Winners across the six Award Categories were first-time participants in the SPBA, and many of the new SPBA recipients have taken on a digital approach to better position their brands on online platforms and reach out to digitally savvy consumers.

Ms Chew Lee Ching, Chairman of the SPBA 2017 Organising Committee, said, “Digitalisation and internationalisation are the two pillars of the SPBA’s theme this year. It is therefore very encouraging to see our participants embracing these twin goals in their branding efforts to be future-ready.”

“We are pleased to see that more than half of the winners are first-time participants, a mix of established and budding brand owners who have invested their energy and resources to make the mark. We are just as pleased to see returning participants who came back with a stronger presentation, showing their physical and digital brand transformation to stay competitive and relevant to business needs. This spirit of constantly refining themselves to reach a higher level of excellence makes all these participating brands deserving Award Winners.”

“We are delighted that the SPBA continues to attract many quality homegrown brands from a wide range of industries, year after year. This is a testament to SPBA’s standing in the business community as an accolade that uplifts brands towards further success in Singapore and beyond our shores,” she added.

Jointly organised by the Association of Small & Medium Enterprises (ASME) and Lianhe Zaobao, the SPBA has identified more than 430 local brands as an esteemed mark of success within their industry. The SPBA is currently into its 16th year of honouring local brands for their branding achievements.

Ms Goh Sin Hwee, Co-Chairman of the SPBA 2017 Organising Committee, said, “It takes hard work over time for Brands to shape their future. Winners of SPBA 2017 know that it is valuable and necessary to constantly innovate and transform, and this quality is what makes them deserving Winners.”

“The SPBA is in its 16th year running, and each year, we see many inspiring Brand stories. These stories prove the spirit of Brands that consistently make progress – they are bold to take action, implement change, and create real breakthroughs to secure the future,” she added.

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