ASME welcomes Chairman of Enterprise Singapore

Singapore, 10 January 2018 – The Association of Small & Medium Enterprises (ASME) welcomes Mr Peter Ong as Chairman of Enterprise Singapore (ESG).

The merger of International Enterprise (IE) Singapore and SPRING Singapore (SPRING) to form ESG integrates resources and capabilities to provide more streamlined support for local companies to grow and internationalise.

Mr Kurt Wee, President of ASME, said, “Mr Peter Ong is the most recent former Head of Civil Service. He brings formidable experience, seniority, coupled with strong track record as Chairman of Pro-Enterprise Panel. Mr Png Cheong Boon broke new grounds and introduced many positive initiatives as former Chief Executive of SPRING and JTC.”

“The appointment of Mr Ong as Chairman of Enterprise Singapore, coupled with Mr Png as it's Chief Executive, brings us great confidence and high hopes in what is to come in the new ESG,” he added.

With ESG’s new leadership, ASME is confident that the agency will continue to drive enterprise growth domestically and internationally. ASME looks forward to strengthen its partnership with ESG to help more SMEs develop stronger capabilities, go global and be future-ready.

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