SPBA Lianhe Zaobao Prestige Brand Award 2018 makes first foray into China

Shanghai, 26 January 2018 – The SPBA Lianhe Zaobao Prestige Brand Award 2018 was launched in Shanghai today at the Official Launch event. Co-organised by local Chinese daily Lianhe Zaobao and the Association of Small & Medium Enterprises, the SPBA Lianhe Zaobao Prestige Brand Award 2018 honours outstanding Chinese brands for branding excellence and provides them a springboard to gain greater exposure in overseas markets.

The SPBA Lianhe Zaobao Prestige Brand Award 2018 is an extension of the Singapore Prestige Brand Award (SPBA) – a branding accolade inaugurated in 2002 that is highly regarded by the local business community. Into its 16th year, the SPBA has identified over 400 local Singaporean brands as an esteemed mark of success within their respective industry fields. The award has also propelled a good number of Singaporean brands to break into overseas markets and rise as sterling global brands, including BreadTalk, Yeo’s, Eu Yan Sang, Bee Cheng Hiang, Ya Kun Kaya Toast, and Best World, all of which are familiar brand names trusted by consumers.

Making its first foray into China, the SPBA Lianhe Zaobao Prestige Brand Award 2018 is specially customised for the Chinese market and it has 3 main Award Categories – Prestige Chinese Brands (中国至尊品牌), Prestige Asian Brands (亚洲至尊品牌), Prestige E-Commerce Brands (互联网至尊品牌). The SPBA Lianhe Zaobao Prestige Brand Award 2018 upholds the highest standards of branding excellence in enabling Chinese brands to advance towards distinction.

Lianhe Zaobao, being a key Chinese-language newspaper in Singapore – one of the world’s leading financial centres and global trading hub – has considerable influence in the global Chinese community. Lianhe Zaobao has leveraged on its online platform, app, and other new media channels to expand its readership, and its news columns and opinion pieces have been well-received by many Chinese readers.

Mr Goh Sin Teck, Editor, Lianhe Zaobao, said, “In recent years, many Chinese brands have transformed themselves to become more developed and established. In tandem, the State Council of the People's Republic of China has established May 10 to be ‘Chinese Brands Day’ to encourage Chinese brands to ‘create their own brand story’ and raise recognition of Chinese brands worldwide. The SPBA Lianhe Zaobao Prestige Brand Award 2018 ties in with this initiative very well by helping to nurture more globally influential Chinese brands.”

Adding on, Dr Dora Hoan, Co-Chairman of SPBA Lianhe Zaobao Prestige Brand Award 2018 Organising Committee, said, “We decided to bring the SPBA Lianhe Zaobao Prestige Brand Award 2018 to China to assess and affirm promising Chinese brands in the market, and in addition, we want to create a platform where brands can relook at their brand standing and strategies, gain valuable insights, and strengthen their brand core going forward. For our maiden group of award winners, we intend to organise a business expedition to Singapore to facilitate learning and business opportunities between Singaporean brands and Chinese brands. We strongly believe such exchanges helps in deepening China-Singapore relations.”

Professor Yu Mingyang, renowned Chinese brand scholar and Secretary of Party Committee of Antai College of Economics & Management, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, is the Chief Advisor of the SPBA Lianhe Zaobao Prestige Brand Award 2018. He said, “Although there are several institutions that provide evaluation on Chinese brands vis-a-vis global brands, Singapore’s take on Chinese brands is different because it is an Asian country with considerable Western influence. From this unique point of view, there are valuable insights on how Chinese brands can better grow and develop.”

“Not only does the SPBA Lianhe Zaobao Prestige Brand Award 2018 aims to identify outstanding Chinese brands, it also hopes to nurture them by imparting brand building tactics and brand development strategies. In my opinion, this is very admirable because Chinese brands are pushed to develop further. I support such initiatives and I look forward to the award’s success in China,” he added.

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