ASME welcomes changes to Cabinet and other appointments

Singapore, 26 April 2018 – The Association of Small & Medium Enterprises (ASME) would like to congratulate the government for having the vision and resolve to put in place the new generation of leaders for Singapore. The reshuffling of the Cabinet is the result of long-term vision, and preparation to ensure a smooth transition and is possible because of Singapore’s high level of transparency and forward thinking.


ASME thanks Mr Lim Swee Say for his years of service to the nation in the various ministries, as the Labour Chief and subsequently as the Minister for Manpower. His open engagement with enterprises has made a significant impact on the local business community. ASME would also like to thank Dr Yaacob Ibrahim for his contribution to set the stage for the digital transformation of local enterprises under the SMEs Go Digital framework, which will be his legacy work in the Ministry of Communications and Information. Mr Lim Hng Kiang’s statesmanship to build interconnected relationships has helped Singapore enjoy friendly trade relations with the international community. ASME is glad that Mr Lim will remain in the advisory role to ensure the stability and further strengthening of Singapore’s significance in international trade.


ASME congratulates Mrs Josephine Teo to be taking over the Ministry of Manpower after serving as Second Minister for Manpower since May 2017 alongside Mr Lim Swee Say. We are confident that she will continue in the same spirit and bring about further measures to help Singapore better optimise our human capital and manage the fine balance of local and foreign talent.

ASME welcomes Mr Chan Chun Sing to the key portfolio of trade and industry. Mr Chan’s experience as the Secretary-General of the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) gives him a unique perspective of how enterprises and the workforce can come together to achieve greater benefits for the nation. ASME has worked with Mr Chan when he was Labour Chief of NTUC on issues to foster greater workforce and employer collaboration, as well as U SME initiatives to help SMEs better train and manage their talents. We look forward to continuing our strong relations with Mr S Iswaran on trade relations, as Minister for Communications and Information and Minister‐in‐charge of Trade Relations.

ASME is also encouraged with the addition of Mr Chee Hong Tat as Senior Minister and Dr Tan Wu Meng as Senior Parliamentary Secretary in Ministry of Trade and as a further signal of the importance the government places on the development of local enterprises. We look forward to fostering a close working relationship with Mr Chan Chun Sing and his new team in the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

ASME congratulates Mr Zaqy Mohamad whom we have been working for the past 7 years under the ASME Business Feedback Group. ASME looks forward to working with Mr Zaqy Mohamad in his new capacity as Minister of State in the Ministry of National Development and the Ministry of Manpower. ASME congratulates all newly appointed Ministers of State.


ASME has enjoyed working closely with Ms Sim Ann and Ms Low Yen Ling on various SME issues. We thank them and look towards future engagements with Ms Sim Ann and Ms Low Yen Ling in their new appointments in the Ministry of Communications and Information and the and Ministry of Manpower respectfully.

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