Rejuvenating and transforming lives

Working professionals are often tied up with a busy schedule, having little time to pay attention to health and wellness. Today, people are becoming more health-conscious and seek ways to stay young and look radiant. As one of the premier anti-ageing companies, Nu Skin is fully committed in bringing quality skincare and health supplements to consumers to help them cope with their busy lifestyles. The three founders of Nu Skin, Blake Roney, Sandie Tillotson and Steve Lund, have built the brand on the philosophy of ‘all of the good, none of the bad’, making sure that no harmful ingredients such as mineral oil are included in all products they develop.

Nu Skin combines their innovative range of products with a unique business opportunity. Using the direct selling channel, Nu Skin distributors, or Leaders, share in-depth product information with consumers, conduct face-to-face product demonstration and give them the convenience to try and test the products at home. Leaders are empowered with the opportunity to be entrepreneurs – whenever they share business opportunities about Nu Skin, ask people to join the Nu Skin business, and train a person to distribute Nu Skin’s products, they earn rewards, get promoted to a new level, and receive recognition for building a distributor network. Leaders can be their own boss and manage their own sales plan and performance, and in turn, they transform the lives of those who join the Nu Skin business by providing them an earning opportunity.

Dr Pakapun (Vicky) Leevutinun, President, Nu Skin Southeast Asia, has witnessed this transformation first-hand herself. She said, “At the heart of Nu Skin is the mission to ‘be a force for good throughout the world by empowering people to improve lives’. When I first joined the company, I couldn’t fully understand the magnitude of this mission statement. It was only after some months at Nu Skin that I could see how my work has helped transform others and how our leaders in turn impacted their downlines. Working in this industry for 22 years, I saw many lives change. Direct selling is great platform to transform people’s lives.”

“Having quality skincare products is what also differentiates us. We take pride in coming up with innovative products that meet the needs and desires of consumers today and empower people to improve lives,” Dr Leevutinun added.


Nu Skin’s dedicated research in skin and nutritional science has prompted them to develop the proprietary ageLOC technology together with leading scientists – it is the science that goes beyond the symptoms of ageing to target the ultimate sources of ageing. ageLOC technology is able to identify, target, and reset multiple functional groups of gene expressions, or gene expression patterns (“GEP”). The GEPs are responsible for youthful activity, and when they are reset to behave youthfully, users are able to experience a significant difference with more radiant, younger-looking skin and enjoy a re-energised lifestyle.

Substantiated by in-depth scientific research and clinical studies, the ageLOC branded products are especially helpful for those who want to visibly reduce fine lines on their skin to look and feel younger. Nu Skin is able to deliver anti-aging results as it has more than 30 years of innovation experience under its belt, as well as two research centres and over 70 research scientists that continue to work on comprehensive health and skincare solutions.

“We see that more and more people are investing in healthy living to stay balanced with a busy life, and they are constantly looking out for quality anti-aging products and food supplements. Here at Nu Skin, innovation is our priority. We know what our customers desire and our unparalleled research in skin and nutritional science enables us to provide comprehensive anti-aging solutions for them,” said Dr Leevutinun.


Nu Skin goes beyond having innovative skincare products and empowering people to improve lives with rewarding business opportunities. Corporate citizenship is a key element of Nu Skin’s identity. Staying true to its mission of being a ‘force for good’ and building an enriching, uplifting culture, Nu Skin has been actively contributing in various volunteer and philanthropy initiatives such as Nu Skin Southeast Asia Children’s Heart Fund (SEACHF). The SEACHF works closely with local partners to identify and aid less fortunate children with congenital heart disease to undergo corrective heart surgery and lead better lives.

In Singapore, the SEACHF partners with KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital to provide children with the necessary cardiac treatments. As of March 2018, SEACHF has provided over 10,000 heart surgeries for needy children in the region. Nu Skin also works with other non-profit organisations like Club Rainbow and NTU Welfare Services Club to reach out to underprivileged children.

Nu Skin has also made consolidated efforts to bring together its distributor force and employees to create a real, meaningful impact to the less privileged community. When the tsunami disaster hit Thailand in 2004, Nu Skin worked closely with their distributors to raise funds to provide humanitarian aid for the people affected. Funds were also raised to help build two schools for children in the Ranong province. Nu Skin also worked with Singapore Red Cross to help the community in Cebu when Typhoon Haiyan swept across Philippines in 2014.

Dr Leevutinun said, “Doing good is good for business. Not only is giving back to society a way to connect with local communities, it also fosters a stronger sense of connection and stronger relationships within our Nu Skin team. We see that there is higher morale in our team when they volunteer for community outreach programmes, where we all embark on the same journey of helping people transform lives in the process.”

Dr Leevutinun also shared that transformation applies for Nu Skin’s own corporate culture as well. Nu Skin employees are given opportunities to find their best selves and empowered to achieve goals, and in addition, the team is always looking for ways to innovate to change how they think and what they do. The need for change is communicated clearly to the team for them to explore and develop on new possibilities, and in turn, Nu Skin is able to create and deliver more value for its stakeholders to drive the entire organisation towards higher success.


Moving forward into the future for the Singapore market, Nu Skin aims to enhance its capabilities as one of the leading direct selling companies to remain competitive and relevant to the skincare and wellness industry. Nu Skin believes that it is at the right time and right place where more Singaporeans are calling for greater work-life balance, and the Nu Skin opportunity offers people a platform to be an entrepreneur to earn leveraged income at their own time flexibility.

“We want to improve the lives of more Singaporeans in helping them live younger, better lives to ‘Discover the Best You’. We are committed to it and we are excited to welcome many more to be part of the Nu Skin family to be together with us on this journey,” said Dr Leevutinun.